All Island Garage Door prides itself on offering expert garage door installation.

All Island Garage Door prides itself on offering expert garage door installation.

New garage doors are beautiful as well as functional, and much of their continued value rests on how well they are installed. All Island Garage Door offers top quality expert installation at competitive rates. We’re committed to offering our customers the best installation services in Long Island.


Choose All Island Garage Doors for: Top Technicians and Quality Materials

Even manually operated garage doors rely on a complex system of springs, wheels, screws, and tracks. That’s why All Island Garage Door takes the time to educate our team of installation professionals in the intricacies of garage door systems and mechanisms—so our clients never need to worry about them. Plus, we source our garage doors, hardware, and lift mechanisms from the best —Clopay, LiftMaster, and other highly reputable manufacturers—to ensure both our work and the new garage door run smoothly.

Whenever we contract to install a new garage door—whether it’s for a new home or business — we send our best to do the job. This includes courtesy and cleanliness. When our technicians leave a property, they make sure it’s spotless. In fact, the only evidence of their presence should be that shiny new door.


Excellent Service – From Start to Finish

First, we make arrangements with our clients for the removal of the old door and any outdated hardware, if necessary. Many firms may only contract for the installation, leaving this heavy duty tidying task to the client, but it can be a costly job for an individual. Once that’s taken care of, we install the new door with all new hardware and ensure that the tracks are properly aligned. If there is existing hardware, such as a serviceable lift mechanism, our technicians securely reconnect it with the new door. However, in many cases, a new lift mechanism is required, especially if the client is building a new home. That’s why All Island Door sources LiftMaster mechanisms and ensures that our technicians can efficiently install and connect them to the new doors.

Finally, we finish the new opening and door—ensuring that it blends seamlessly with the exterior fabric of the structure. This can be vinyl, to protect against water infiltration into siding and conceal any unfinished surfaces. Our dedicated team cleans their work area to our level of specification—as if we were never there. Long Island garages get the royal treatment—because we believe in leaving a place tidy, fresh, and functional.

If you’re in need of a garage door update or building a new home in Long Island, contact us for a consultation today. We provide premium products, expert installation, and prompt services. All Island Garage Door is pleased to be a part of so many communities in Long Island, and we’re invested in making certain your garage is a credit to your home.