Clopay commercial doors in Long Island

Clopay commercial doors in Long Island

All Island Garage Door doesn’t simply install and maintain beautiful residential garage doors in Long Island, we also provide services for commercial properties. Many businesses require rolling overhead garage doors for large or customized openings, which can be a challenge for some. Not us. We offer high-quality, attractive, and durable garage doors and security shutters for a wide variety of Long Island businesses and properties.


The Right Fit

There are several options when it comes to commercial garage doors and overhead rolling doors. We offer Clopay products, because they provide both aesthetic appeal and unflagging quality. Whether it’s a fire station or a commercial garage, warehouse, or other business, we want to ensure that each client receives the most appropriate and desirable option possible. The basic categories from which to select are:

• Sectional
• Rolling
• Sheet
• Four-Fold

In addition to these basic designs, we also source the best options for inset access doors, breakaway sections, and design modifications any client may require.


Designed with Function in Mind

Because our doors are intended to be purposeful for a variety of commercial applications, these standard options are customizable in a variety of ways. They can be designed to make a maximum use of natural light while providing security during times when the business is closed. Full glass panels set in a durable, reinforced metal frame allow businesses such as restaurants and automobile servicing locations to maximize space during hours of operation, but to secure their property at the end of the business day. We also offer a variety of ribbed and sectional insulated doors, ideal for security that requires a stable environment—agricultural supply warehouses and self-storage facilities are two such applications among many.

In addition to security and maintaining atmospheric equilibrium, we know that fire damage control is also a concern for some commercial properties. Service doors for large and small-scale venues are manufactured to meet current fire safety standards, and may be operated manually or with a lift mechanism. We work with Clopay, a leading manufacturer of these doors, who has designed them to be infinitely testable. As well, they are easy to reset from the floor without special tools or assistance, which increases the ease of fire readiness drills.

Security shutters for small businesses and counters are a necessary measure for safety. Whether in a shopping center or an indoor mall, these can be installed for optimum security, ease of use, and longevity. These may be designed to the specifications of the client—insulated, solid aluminum, or even as a rolling grate.


Committed to the Community

All Island Garage Door is committed to helping ensure the safety of Long Island’s businesses. We are proud to offer quality products for commercial and civic properties of all varieties, and consider these parts of our community. Call us today for a consultation and select or design doors that meet the needs of your business.

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