Top Quality Garage Door Openers in Long Island

Top Quality Garage Door Openers in Long Island

At All Island Garage Door, we believe that a critical part of client satisfaction is an effective garage door opening system. This includes remote sensing for controlled entry as well as the smooth and efficient daily operation of a mechanized garage door. We’re proud to offer the residential and professional communities of Long Island the best products on the market from LiftMaster.


Top Garage Door Openers for Peace of Mind

Security is a top concern for residential and commercial property owners and LiftMaster products offer simple but effective barriers against intruders and property damage. With their patented remote sensing technology, it’s more difficult than ever to fool a system into opening, and our high quality doors resist forced entry.


High Quality Garage Door Openers

We offer homes and businesses in Long Island the highest quality garage door openers with a variety of mechanical systems to suit the budget and needs of each client. Whether it’s a chain operated system or one that relies on a belt or a master screw, we have what our clients want—efficiency. LiftMaster products allow us to meet the various needs of different properties, from small single-family homes to large commercial properties.

industrial contexts. Again, while LiftMaster technology enhances safety and security, these types of constructions are balanced with the ability to manually open heavy commercial doors in the event of a power outage.

Whether for home or business, we are excited to work with property owners to design the best garage door system for their needs. We value our Long Island communities, and take our commitment to quality seriously. It will be our pleasure to schedule a consultation to determine your needs at your convenience.